3 Best Cacti for Garden Pots

3 Best Cacti for Garden Pots

Cacti are the perfect option if you're searching for the ideal plants for a hot sunny position. Most cacti require next to no maintenance, require very little water, and love full sun!

We're spoiled for choice when choosing the correct Cactus, making the selection process seem overwhelming. But rest assured, we've got you covered with our 3 favourite cacti to make any pot cluster look its best.


Golden Barrell 

This slow-growing spherical Cactus is colloquially known as The Mother in law's Cushion and looks fantastic in a pot cluster. A popular choice across multiple climates thanks to its hardy nature, this Cactus is used worldwide. 

This Cactus LOVES the sun and will actually lean towards the sun over time. Rumour has it that desert travellers actually use it as a compass.


Opuntia Burbank Spineless

Thanks to its popularity among hipsters, the Burbank Spineless is the current "it" Cactus. The green-blue foliage looks beautiful in pots of any colour. 

This variety is actually the spike-free cousin of the Prickly Pear, classified as a noxious weed in some areas, so make sure you buy the correct type! The Burbank Spineless is very slow-growing, so buying big is best.



Euphorbia 'Cowboy'

Ok, this one isn't technically a cactus (it's a succulent), but it sure looks like one! With its iconic cactus shape, it screams Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner! The Euphorbia Cowboy is just as happy in part shade as full sun and requires very little water. 

Its upright form is an excellent option in tight spaces or when instant height is needed. Some people can react to the milky white sap, so make sure you wear gloves when handling it.

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  • 1. Drainage

    Place a single layer of drainage screen directly over the drain hole.

  • 2. Pot setup

    Once you have chosen the location for your pots, place four pot feet on the ground and position the pot on top.

  • 3. Potting mix

    Cover the piece of drainage screen with a good quality potting mix and fill the pot to the desired level and gently compact in layers.

  • 4. Plant it

    Carefully remove the plant from its nursery pot. Put the plant in your prepared garden pot, ensuring the potting mix soil sits at the same level as the soil in the nursery pot.

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