6 Must-Follow Plant Accounts on Instagram

6 Must-Follow Plant Accounts on Instagram

1. @botanicalsandbillie

There’s seriously some plant magic happening on this account! Plus, the occasional shot of Anne’s eight-year-old Sypynx cat called Billie.

1. @MOMagency

Interior stylist Suzy Coassin shares a curated feed of beautiful interior inspiration of decorated homes with a modern bohemian style. Suzy also shares lots of useful styling tips as well.

2. @thepottedjungle

If you love all things green, than this San Diego ‘plantaholic’ is all the inspo you need to create your own indoor jungle!

3. @earthychildren

Lush homes and the plants that make them. This stunning account is dedicated to posting beautiful and lush living spaces to inspire us all.

4. @Leafy.lane

If you’re looking at transforming your home into an indoor jungle, then look no further than Brad Canning of @leafy.lane for inspo! There are heaps of ideas for plants, DIY and tutorials.

5. @mr.cigar

Ron Goh has transformed his home into a thriving plant-filled sanctuary. The plants seem to go hand in hand with the beautifully curated vintage furniture pieces.
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  • 1. Drainage

    Place a single layer of drainage screen directly over the drain hole.

  • 2. Pot setup

    Once you have chosen the location for your pots, place four pot feet on the ground and position the pot on top.

  • 3. Potting mix

    Cover the piece of drainage screen with a good quality potting mix and fill the pot to the desired level and gently compact in layers.

  • 4. Plant it

    Carefully remove the plant from its nursery pot. Put the plant in your prepared garden pot, ensuring the potting mix soil sits at the same level as the soil in the nursery pot.

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