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A Guide to The Balcony Garden Liquid Plant Food

Looking for something to boost the care of your plants and add that final step into your plant care routine? Well, look no further as our friends at The Balcony Garden have you covered.

Introducing The Balcony Garden Liquid Plant Food!

Indoor Thomas Pots are being watered using The Balcony Garden's Liquid Plant Food.


The Balcony Garden's premium organic-based formula gives your plants the immediate nutrients required to thrive. Every drop restores lifeless potting mix, producing stronger and healthier foliage. Perfect for indoor and outdoor plants, natives, shrubs, flowers, palms, fruit trees, vegetables and herbs as an all-around all-purpose fertiliser.

Improves pest resistance, organic matter provides longer lasting nutrients, aids in soil aeration, suitable for indoors and outdoors.


1. Gently swirl bottle so the product mixes

2. Add 2-4ml of Liquid Plant Food per litre of water

3. Can be applied to foliage (after diluting) but for best results apply to
soil/potting mix

4. Established plants and garden beds apply every 2-4 weeks all year round

5. For vegetables, herbs, fruit etc. apply weekly during the growing period


Brown glass 100 millileter bottle with a black rubber stopper and an olive green label that says "Liquid Plant Food, The Balcony Garden".

To make life and gardening easier, in partnership with The Balcony Garden, you can now add Liquid Plant Food to your order in addition to Drainage Kits and Pot Trays with your Slugg pot purchase.

Check out our 'How to pot up a plant guide' for easy steps on potting your plant.

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