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Activities to Increase Productivity

Back from holidays and need a productivity boost or are you looking for a New Years' resolution to increase mindful enrichment for 2023?
Weekend activities are ideal for charging us up for the weekday productivity ahead and unwinding in the best feasible ways. Here are some activities to add to your resolution list to help increase your weekday productivity.

Piano keys with an open book of sheet music.

Learn: Musical Instrument/ New Language

Playing a musical instrument or learning a new language enhances your mood by releasing the feel-good hormone, dopamine, into your synapses. It also helps to make the brain smarter by increasing concentration levels, improving memory retention, and lowering stress levels. Learning an instrument or language helps improve social skills, teamwork and studies have proven they can postpone the effects of ageing, Alzheimer’s illness, and mental deterioration.


Well-used paint brushes in glass jars sit behind white palettes full of different coloured paints.

Get Creative: Paint, Draw, Write

Often described as cathartic and therapeutic experiences to let your inner thoughts and emotions run wild, being creative through painting, drawing or writing is one of the oldest and most respected hobbies one can undertake. Artistic expression also increases critical thinking skills and nurtures a positive outlook toward life. So whether you wish to pick up traditional methods of painting, drawing or writing or modern ways through digital mediums, getting creative can help you face emotional issues, boost your self-esteem, and increase productivity in everyday activities.


Stacked book shelf with a wooden ladder leading against it.


Reading lets your imagination take flight into places unknown and experience things you would have otherwise never felt. It makes you culturally aware, gives you a better vocabulary, and facilitates a mental workout. Nothing gives you as many high-quality conversation starters as reading


A hiker stands at the top of a cave waterfall and looks out over a peaceful mountain landscape.

Get Active: Dance, Hike, Play a Sport

Being physically active is just as important as being mentally fit. Activities such as hiking, dancing or playing a sport are great ways to spend quality time with family and friends and offer fantastic health benefits, including improved flexibility, weight loss, and enhanced motor coordination skills. They are even prescribed as a form of therapy to people undergoing stress or trauma, proving their value as a great outlet for emotional expression. Aside from the obvious health benefits, people who engage in sports activities often are said to have better spatial and cognitive intelligence. It also fosters qualities such as leadership, dedication and team spirit.


Two bakers cut out pieces of dough to make family friendly biscuits.


Baking and cooking are meant for those who wish to be more mindful and relish the journey as much as the accomplishment of a goal. With health benefits ranging from stress relief to improving systematic thinking and patience, many successful people are trying their hand at the art of baking and cooking. And who doesn't love to feast on a bouquet of sweet or savoury delights afterwards!?


A focused gardener tending to a prosperous vegetable garden.


Being outdoors is another therapeutic way to break free from the concrete jungle of everyday surroundings, screen time of modern life and reconnects with the beauty of nature. The many benefits of gardening include a decrease in stress and anxiety, an opening of your mind to new ideas and thought processes, and increased connectivity to humans and nature. Many people who garden daily are more relaxed, naturing and attain a healthy dietary mindset.

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