Best Australian Ocean & Rock Pools

Rock pools are fascinating to explore, overflowing with life and home to some of the most amazing marine creatures and plants just waiting to be discovered. Moreover, rock pools are often located in some of the most picturesque destinations in Australia, making for a day full of exploration and relaxation.

Whether winter or summer, a dip in the ocean is one of the best ways to clear your mind. We're pretty blessed here in Australia, with not only an abundance of breathtaking beaches but also plenty of ocean pools where you can enjoy a relaxing dip and soak in the beauty of nature. Here are some of the best Australian ocean and rock pools to add to your bucket list.

Natural rock pools.


Figure Eight Pools, Burning Palms Beach

Look no further than Instagram to find this gem, however, it’s much more difficult to access in real life. The Figure Eight Pools, is a collection of rock pools and sinkholes, however, the journey to them doesn’t come easy.

Jellybean Pool

You will find the beautiful Jellybean Pools within the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains. This is a great place to lay out a picnic and wade in the natural waters.

Bronte Baths

One of Sydney’s oldest, Bronte Baths opened in 1887, today, it still draws a crowd. The pool sits pretty on the edge of Bronte Beach with tiled lines pointing swimmers in the right direction. However, most pop in for a relaxing dip.

The Bogey Hole

This heritage-listed sea bath in Newcastle was the first rock pool, hewn from the rock by convicts in the 1820s as a bathing spot for officers. Today it is a popular spot for all locals come summer. It's organic in shape and offers a more tame take on the impressive ocean. 

Currumbin Rockpools.


Currumbin Rockpools

A waterfall cascades into this swimming spot, complete with a picnic area and sandy beach foreshore. The soundtrack only adds to the serenity of this secluded and special place.

Snapper Rocks

One of just a handful of true ocean pools in the whole of Queensland, Snapper Rocks is also one of the best seawater swimming spots on this list. The location on Coolangatta can’t be beaten, but it’s also a well-maintained and beautifully built pool perfect for doing laps.


Sorrento Back Rockpool

Small, but perfectly formed, this natural rockpool in Sorrento beach is a must-visit, particularly for those with kids in tow. The pool is shallow and full of sea life, meaning you can go for a dip while also exploring the crabs and fish.

Brighton Baths

For more than a century this historic destination has drawn in locals and travellers alike looking for ocean water swimming in the heart of Melbourne. Some even swim all year round.

Cape Paterson Rockpool

Cape Paterson Bay Beach is renowned for its large man-made rock pool that was built in the 1960s. Sited on a rock platform, this tranquil spot with its turquoise waters is a great spot for snorkelling and whiling away hot summer days.

Streaky Bay Jetty with a closed of sea pool.


Streaky Bay Jetty Pool

Located on the Eyre Peninsula, Streaky Bay's netted swimming area is as picturesque as it gets. Stroll along the L-shaped jetty to get there, dive in and become one with the ocean.

Edithburgh Tidal Pool

This seawater swimming pool is perfect for gathering friends and making a day of it. Surrounded on all sides by concrete steps, simply lay your towel down and take advantage of the fresh ocean water that gently flows in with each wave.


Darwin Wave Pool

There’s fun for the whole family at Darwin Wave Pool. This man-made facility was built into the harbourfront and will have you jumping for the wave simulations all day long.

Red and orange coloured natural rocks in a clear bay.


Bay of Fires

This iconic spot on Tasmania's northeast coast boasts spectacular white beaches and vibrant orange boulders. The bay is peppered with rock pools for you to take a leisurely dip in.


Hamersley Tidal Pool

From above, you could be forgiven for thinking Hamersley Pool was located on the south coast of Italy due to its natural curves and sandy position. With water so clear it rivals the Maldives, Hamersley Pool is one of WA's best-kept secrets.

Mettams Pool

This sheltered, sandy swimming area in Perth's northern suburbs is protected by a surrounding reef. If you enjoy snorkelling, Mettams Pool is a great place to witness some of the underwater creatures that live in this protected marine park.

Collie Long Pool

Calm and clear waters as far as the eye can see. That’s what you’ll get at Collie Long Pool, inside the Wellington National Park. It makes this freshwater spot perfect for swimming, kayaking or generally just lazing about with a picnic and a free afternoon.

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