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Best Winter Houseplants

Houseplants can completely transform and brighten spirits especially during the long winter months. Though with fewer daylight hours, fluctuating temperatures, and dry air can make it be challenging to grow and tricky to keep greenery lively. So to help take the guess work of which plants are best suited to the season, here is the best winter houseplant list likely to survive all year long.

Fleshy oval shaped foliage of a shaded indoor Jade Plant.

Jade Plant- Crassula Ovata

Thought to bring good luck to their owners, Jade plants boast fleshy, shiny, oval-shaped leaves and thick, woody stems that resemble tiny tree trunks. The slow and easy to care for Jade plant has similarities to a bonsai tree and once matured can produce white or pink flowers in the right conditions. So next time you are thinking about a great housewarming gift, remember the Jade plant!

Moth Orchid- Phalaenopsis Orchids

The perfect winter addition to your decor is the Phalaenopsis Orchids or more commonly known as 'orchids' or 'moth orchids'. With delicate flowers, these plants are available in a range of colours and are sold year round to brighten up your home. Generally thrive on neglect, blossoming in low light and only needing about two to three tablespoons of water every two weeks.

Cacti- Cactaceae

Native to North and South American regions cacti generally have thick herbaceous stems. As one of the best cold-resistant types of plants to grow indoors, cacti are drought-tolerant and some species are classified as air plants, meaning they don't need soil to grow so they can be housed in big glass bulbs hung from the ceiling or in shallow pots. 

FUN FACT: The life cycle of cacti lasts 15 to 300 years, depending on the species.

Snake Plant with thick sword-like leaves thrives in an indoor low sunlit corner space.

Snake Plant- Dracaena Trifasciata

As a succulent, Dracaena trifasciata also known as snake plant can thrive on neglect and requires very little water and sunlight, making this plant perfect for this best winter plant list. Snake plants feature broad, stiff and upright sword-like leaves with various dark green colours and white and yellow borders. Great for pots this is a nearly indestructible plant for the novice gardener.

Aloe Vera- Aloe barbadensis

Aloe Vera is a well-known plant for its health benefits for soothing burns but did you know that this large succulent also flowers profusely in winter under the right conditions. With well-drained, coarse soil and bright light Aloe Vera will thrive with minimum fuss and minimum water making it an ideal winter houseplant with bonus health perks.

Dragon Tree- Dracaena Marginate

Dragon trees are slow-growing eye-catching spiky trees that display attractive green sword-like, red-edged leaves atop slender grey trunks. This plant is practically indestructible as it is drought-tolerant making it a great easy to care for great plant for the colder months as well as all year round. 


TIP: A common problem with houseplants is over-watering, particularly in the colder season when less water is required.

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