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Casa Organica

Casa Organica is a unique and remarkable home located in Naucalpan, Mexico. Designed by renowned architect Javier Senosiain, it is a unique dwelling that perfectly blends architecture and nature.

A plant clad home seamlessly merges with the surrounding landscape.

The house is aptly named for its organic shape, which mimics the curves and shapes found in nature. Its exterior is a mixture of green and blue hues, further highlighting the home's connection to the natural environment. Senosiain's design is based on the concept of biotecture, which incorporates natural materials and living organisms into architectural structures. Casa Organica exemplifies this concept using natural elements such as soil, rocks, and plants.

An interior with ultra minimalist aesthetics and natural stone finishes.

The house's interior is equally impressive, with curved walls and ceilings that flow smoothly from one space to the next. The central living area features a skylight that allows natural light to flood the space. The bedrooms are located underground, providing a cool and quiet respite from the heat and noise of the outside world.

Interior with minimalist but modern furnishings.

Casa Organica is a perfect example of Senosiain's philosophy of creating living spaces that promote harmony between humans and nature. The house is not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable, utilizing natural resources and reducing energy consumption. It is a truly unique and inspiring work of architecture that demonstrates the possibilities of harmonizing the built environment with the natural world.

The architecture incorporates organic shapes and rounded edges.
The domed architecture gives the illusion of hills in a country landscape.

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