Crazy Indoor Plant People Australia

Crazy Indoor Plant People Australia or C.I.P.P.A (pronounced SIPPA) is a Facebook group for people of all skill levels, backgrounds and beliefs who share a mutual love of indoor plants! It’s a place for people to post pictures of their plants, share information and ask for advice.

Profile picture of Kristy the founder of C.I.P.P.A.

Plant-obsessed Kristy started the group in 2017, hoping to save her family and friends from being inundated with pictures of her 100+ indoor plant collection!

Kristy (who we think is just hilarious!) explains her obsession in more detail below...

Where and when did your passion for plants begin?

I grew up with my grandparents having plants (my job for my grandpa was to check the indoor plants with a water metre), and we also had plenty inside and outside growing up at home.

My passion went nek level about seven years ago, after going through some tough times with family illnesses.  I went looking for plants again. They are so grounding and so nice to have around!

C.I.P.P.A has a whopping 157K Facebook group members. Congratulations! Did you ever imagine it would get so big?

Thank you so much!

NEVER DID I EVER! When I started the group I had no expectations at all and thought that maybe 20 people would join (friends and family that I’d dragged in!) Even when I set up C.I.P.P.A, Facebook told me I need two people to start a group so I dragged in my son Jackson (then 16) to join too, ha ha!

What count is your personal plant collection at?

Last count, I’d downgraded to about 155!  But I also own a plant store so when I counted all of them together I had 966! (he, he!)

What are your favourite plant/s?

You know that’s a tricky question for a C.I.P.P.A!!  I do love my Cactus and Euphorbia, particularly my Euphorbia ammak Cedric, and of course the hunk Terry; my varigated Monstera. I also have a huge love for all sorts of hanging plants.  I think Rhipsalis are absolute SUPER STARS!

C.I.P.P.A's favourite plant is the Euphorbia ammak Cacti.
Would you call yourself crazy, or just plant crazy?! 

Oh definitely both. And proud!  Who else would have started a group for Crazy Indoor Plant People! 

What are the most common plant issues you see other plant parents have and share on C.I.P.P.A?

Often over or under watering issues are a big one, closely followed by pests, including the dreaded FUNGUS GNATS (probably because they love flying up your nose!)

What is the easiest and most difficult indoor plant to have?

Devil’s Ivy or Rhipsalis are great easy care options, the Diva Calathea can be a tricky one for people, although I believe we all have our nemesis plant!!

What’s your favourite Slugg pot?

Oh, I’d have to say I think Thomas is a bit of a spunk!

What's your favourite cocktail? (thrown in for good measure 😁)

I feel like it’s been way too long between cocktails (I think I’m going to have to go and hunt one down now though!)  But I used to love a Strawberry Daiquiri, probably so old school now!

If you live in SA, you should check out Kristy's plant gang at her awesome store called Charlie & Jack. Make sure you give C.I.P.P.A a follow too! 

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