Create your own Holiday Destination with Plants

Is there a place in the world you like or would like to travel to for a relaxing holiday? How about you give yourself easy access to a slice of that paradise by introducing holiday destination plants to your home and garden?

Here are some top picks of luxe holiday locations with suggested plants to create the vacation vibe at your home.


Tropical palm trees and Agave enclose this sunny Balinese outdoor space.


If you love the beauty and mystique of Bali, you can achieve the same atmosphere for your garden by incorporating elements such as tropical plants. Pair with teakwood decks, flowing white furnishings and small Balinese decor to add the final touch. All of these together will feel both lush and serene.

Plant Suggestions: Palms, Monstera, Elephant Ears


Vibrant red, white, and pink Pelargoniums in window boxes and planters frame a romantic Italian villa.


If you want a romantic Italian escape, put a touch of Tuscany in your home. You can do this by introducing a soft colour palette or some blossoming plants. Think herb bushes, soft flowering plants such as wisteria, wild pea vine and cheerful red poppies. Now relax in your intimate setting while sipping some Chianti.

Plant Suggestions: Sage, Lavender, Olive shrub


Californian desert bungalow surrounded by towering Cowboy Cactus.

Los Angeles

Looking to infuse a flavour of LA into your garden, then you’ll be going for contemporary desert-style elements such as SoCal (Southern California) plants like succulents, palms, cacti and tropical flowers. 

Plant Suggestions: Cowboy cactus, Aloe Vera, Barrel cactus 


Interior Spanish style courtyard with long lush green foliage potted plants.


​​Spain is actually a very diverse country, but when we think of Spanish plants, we tend to imagine those within the Andalusian region and the southern islands where holidaymakers tend to flock. Imagine the arched entryways, reflecting pools, geometric courtyards, and symmetrical plant beds. Plants would typically include trimmed hedges, bougainvillea, hibiscus, yucca, kalanchoe, and lavender.

Plant Suggestions: Succulents, Yucca, Bougainvillea



Lush blue toned Hydrangeas and sculpted hedges welcome visitors to an English style country home.


If you want to simulate a New England beach town in your backyard, you’ll want a romantic cottage-style tangle of plants in a traditional grey, blue, and white floral palette paired with linen fabrics and nautical tones in your home. Your choice of plants would be hydrangeas, ornamental grass, and tailored shrubs. 

Plant Suggestions: Star of Jasmine, Hydrangeas, Buxus

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