Feng Shui’s Luckiest Houseplants

No one wants bad luck in their lives, let alone in your home or office. To help shift the balance of luck in your way here are some of Feng Shui's luckiest houseplants you can introduce into your space.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of balancing the elements through the proper placement of items in living spaces and working spaces. For optimal Feng Shui, the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) need to be balanced in a way that promotes proper elemental flow.

Leafy Spider Plant.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are believed to bring luck and good fortune because of their natural, strong, and long vines. The vines symbolise stability in life and as an easy-to-care-for plant with great air purifying properties they emit strong earth energy making it a popular choice for lucky plant hobbyists.

Banana Leaf

Banana leaf plants have strong fire energy that can help your personal growth and determination. This plant also represents happiness, brightness, and determination, so keep it somewhere in the home where you want to feel this extra energy!


Purple Orchid flowers on a stem.


Orchids are seen as another lucky indoor plant as it can be found in homes as a sign of good fortune and prosperity. These stunning plants were also used as a symbol of wealth in ancient Japan. They can also boost the energy in any area of your space but are especially effective in the southwest sector.

English Ivy

This plant is great at filtering the air in your home, and it does very well in humid environments. It emits strong wood energy, and it does well with plants that emit metal energy.


Soft pink rosette flower of a Peony Rose.


It’s no shock that Peonies, with their full, airy, and bountiful blossoms, embody luck, prosperity, love, and good fortune. Peonies are used in Feng Shui as a general cure for love and romance so to maximise their full energy, place them where you would like this energy to be emitted. 


Philodendron is a common plant in the home, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Its leaves are remarkably similar to a heart shape and represent the “fire element” of Feng Shui.

These plants are believed to bring light and positive energy into your home without the need for much sunlight.


White Peace Lily flowers amongst dark green foliage.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily plant is considered to bring harmony and good luck into your space. According to Feng Shui, the delicate white flowers and elegant green leaves create a peaceful and pleasant ornamental piece that improves the prosperity of your home as it emits strong wood energy (plants featuring brown and green colours are most strongly associated with the wood element). This lucky indoor plant can also help prevent illness, asthma, headaches, and other problems caused by harmful air pollutants.

Lucky Bamboo

According to Feng Shui, Bamboo plants are considered very lucky and auspicious. In fact, it is believed that keeping bamboo plants at home and in the office, brings good luck, wealth, and fortune. Since bamboo plants have been modified to keep them indoors as a houseplant, you can also train the stalks to grow straight like an arrow or twist them to create beautiful-looking patterns. The lucky bamboo plant is also known to welcome water energy (a symbol of life and flexibility).


To learn more, check out our Spider Plant guide on how to care for this luck and fortune plant.

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