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How to use Pot Trays

Are you wondering how to use your Slugg® pot trays? Look no further! Here's our guide on how to pot up your plants using your pot trays!

Three differently sized black plastic pot trays.

Slugg pot trays are sold as a set of three - one for each of your Sluggs®. They are made of high-quality polypropylene and are suitable for indoors and outside.

Pot trays are to be used inside your Slugg® pots, not underneath; this allows excess water to drain from your plants without affecting the look and the design of your sleek Slugg® pots. Pot trays should not hold excessive amounts of water, as this will cause root rot. 

Slugg's 3-Step Guide:


Place a plastic tray inside of the Lucy Pot, and then place the nursery potted plant on top.

Step 1: Insert Trays

Place each of your trays inside the base of your Slugg® pots. There are three sizes, small, medium and large, and they each correlate with the matching size Slugg pot, e.g. the largest tray with the largest Slugg® pot. 

Step 2: Add Plants

Once you have selected the location of your Slugg® pots, you are ready to place your plants inside your Slugg® pots! Keep your plant within its nursery pot and place it within your Slugg® pot. Ensure your plant sits neatly on the tray within the base of your Slugg® pot.

Step 3: Finishing Touch

Add some coconut fibre around the top of your plant's soil to add that photoshoot-ready finish to your potted plants. Coconut fibre is also easy to spread without the mess and has a lovely aesthetic to pair with any plant and pot in your home.

Sizing the trays against a Lucy Pot.

- Three Trays with the Large Lucy White pot -

Coconut fibre is placed over the nursery pot.

- Medium & Small Thomas Black pots with plants & coconut fibre -


Mud coloured Rosie Pot with a Palm Tree and coconut fibre.

- Finished instalment of the Large Rosie Mud pot -



Like everything in your garden and home, maintenance and cleaning is required. To ensure you don't get a build-up of excess water or mould in the bottom of your tray, regularly remove your tray from the pot, wash and wipe clean. Once cleaned, you can place it back under your plant again without fuss. Keeping your trays clean allows your plants to stay happy and healthy and is more likely to avoid mould, root rot and unwanted pests.

Trays and plants in Lucy, Thomas and Rosie Pots.

Brought the drainage kit? Check out our Ultimate guide to pot a plant for instructions on how to use the drainage kit when potting your plants.

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