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Purfect Non-toxic Indoor Plants

It can be difficult enough to find a houseplant that suits your home. For us pet owners, things are even more challenging: we need plants that are non-toxic, since many pets find indoor greenery pretty irresistible. So if you have a furry friend running around the house who likes to nibble on your houseplants or a young child who likes to explore, these plants make a great choice.

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

This pet-friendly houseplant is one of the easiest you can grow. It produces festoons of attractive striped leaves and are known as an “unkillable” houseplant. Best of all, spider-plants have babies – mini-plants that sprout from the main plant and propagate into their pots. Because they’re so easy to grow and care for, spider plants are an excellent pet-friendly choice.

Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea elegans)

Looking to add a small tree indoors? You may want to pick up a Parlor Palm. This no-toxic, low-maintenance houseplant is also a good starting point for beginners. Bright filtered light is best for this lush palm plant, but it can adapt to low light if necessary.

Wax Plant (Hoya Carnosa)

The Wax Plant is an excellent non-toxic plant, safe for children and pets despite its succulent-like leaves.This plant thrives in bright light conditions. The brighter the surrounding area, the more likely it will produce the sweet fragrant porcelain looking flower that doesn’t even seem real!

Hoya Carnosa Plant

Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides)

Hosting waxy green, round coin-shaped leaves delicately on thin stems, this plant is not only considered lucky due to good feng shui but also is low maintenance and a perfect statement plant for homes with pets and children.

Purple Waffle (Hemigraphis alternata)

Also known as red ivy, the purple waffle has variegated, toothed leaves that are silver-green on top and purple underneath. It has a demonstrated ability to contribute to indoor air quality, making it non toxic to dogs, cats, and humans.

African Violet (Saintpaulia)

Looking for gorgeous blooms to brighten up your pet friendly space? Look for an African violet. It comes in a range of purple and pink hues, is low maintenance, and thrives without bright light. Keep the soil moderately moist by letting them soak up water through the pot's drainage hole to avoid damaging the leaves and petals.

Check out our Plant Guide to learn more about each plant.

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