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If you love the look of the elephant ear plant (Alocasia spp.), but you're on the hunt for more colourful varieties, then Caladiums are perfect for you! Not to be outdone by their larger relatives, caladiums shine all on their own with their wide array of colours from green leaves with speckles of white, and green with white and pink centres. So if you happen to have too much green (is there really such thing?) in your indoor jungle, caladiums are a perfect partner to brighten up your home.


Pointed, heart-shaped leaves with green edges and bright red central veins.

General Care


Indoors in a well-lit spot away from direct sunlight. Outdoors in a warm climate, where it can receive part shade.


Occasionally, allow the plant to slightly dry out between watering.


Don’t sweat it! Average home humidity is fine; can tolerate dry air.


Using a well-draining potting mix is essential.

Bright fuchsia coloured leaf with a dark green patched edge.

Common Problems

Caladiums are easy-going plants that bring vibrancy to your home. Treat pests as soon as they appear with weekly sprays of a natural pesticide like neem oil, or Gnats control and regular wipe-downs of the plant.


Brown crispy new-growth


Over-exposed to sun, underwatered


Dormant growth, no growth


Don't fret, this occurs in cooler months, wait till warmer season hits, liquid fertiliser


Yellow/mushy old leaves


Root rot, more light required


Caladiums can be irritating to cats, dogs, and humans if foliage is consumed. Take additional care when planting, pruning, and around children and pets.

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