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Chinese Evergreen- Aglaonema

For shady dark spaces, look no further than the Chinese evergreen plant to lighten up your home with spectacular tropical foliage. With a generous amount of variety in this species from rich emerald greens with creamy white patterns splashed across the leaves, to sheens of silver and even flecks of pink adding personality to your home decor. Chinese evergreens are slow-growing and make excellent indoor foliage plants that can be potted and cared for year-round.

A woman cradles a Chinese Evergreen plant.

General Care


Low to moderate indirect sunlight depending on the shade of leaf variety


Thrives in moist but not water-logged soil


Medium to higher humidity levels. Mist your Chinese Evergreen plants often to keep it happy and healthy


A well-drained, slightly acidic potting mix

A light green Chinese Evergreen leaf with dapples of dark green spots.

Common Problems

While not terribly susceptible to pests or diseases, the Chinese evergreen can occasionally pick up a common houseplant issue like scale, mealybugs, or spider mites. These can be treated with an insecticide or neem oil.


Curling or wavy leaves




Fading leaf colours


Too much direct sun


Take care if you have pets because the Chinese Evergreen plant is toxic to dogs and cats.

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