Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Flowering kalanchoe plants are reasonably low-maintenance houseplants that can't be missed because of the numerous, cheerful, tiny flowers. With a range of colours to suit your décor—and your Slugg pots—from white, yellow, orange, and red, to pink and magenta, no wonder why they are one of the most searched indoor house plants.

General Care


Thrives in full sun and bright indirect light. It can also grow in low light or partial light, though it won’t produce as many flowers, and the leaves may get spindly.


Water kalanchoe sparingly or when the soil feels dry, but avoid wetting the leaves.


Warm, dry, frost-free areas.


Well-draining, light sandy potting mix.

Common Problems

Humidity around the plant can lead to powdery mildew or mealybugs. A spritz of neem oil can help to control pests.


Wilting plant, limp leaves


Thirsty plant, underwatered


Softened centre and blackened foliage


Root rot, overwatered


Mild toxicity, keep away from children and pets.

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  • 1. Drainage

    Place a single layer of drainage screen directly over the drain hole.

  • 2. Pot setup

    Once you have chosen the location for your pots, place four pot feet on the ground and position the pot on top.

  • 3. Potting mix

    Cover the piece of drainage screen with a good quality potting mix and fill the pot to the desired level and gently compact in layers.

  • 4. Plant it

    Carefully remove the plant from its nursery pot. Put the plant in your prepared garden pot, ensuring the potting mix soil sits at the same level as the soil in the nursery pot.

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