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Peace Lily- Spathiphyllum

Looking for a unique, easy-going plant that can help improve indoor air quality? End your search here with the stunning Spathiphyllum, also known as Peace Lily. This air purifying plant is literally creating peace and tranquillity in your home with striking white flowers in contrast with its lush deep green leaves. Trending as interior designers ‘must have’ is the variegated 'Domino' Spathiphyllum, which flaunts dramatic white speckles and swathes on its broad foliage.

Lush ribbed texture green foliage of a potted Peace Lily Plant.

General Care


Medium to bright indirect light


Once a week, kept moist but not soggy and allowed to dry out slightly between watering.


Indoors or outdoors in warm, frost-free climates.


Use good quality potting mix.

Flowering Peace Lily Plant.

Common Problems

Peace lilies have few insect pests, but fungus gnats, mealybugs, spider mites, and scales can be problematic. Examine the leaves often for evidence of insect infestations. Wipe leaves regularly with a damp cloth to clean the foliage.


Yellow leave/ stems


Overwatered, Root rot


Lack of flowering


Insufficient light


Mildly toxic to humans and other animals when ingested.

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