Plant Guide

  • Chinese Evergreen- Aglaonema

    For shady dark spaces, look no further than the Chinese evergreen plant to lighten up your home with spectacular tropical foliage. With a generous amount of variety in this species from rich emerald greens with creamy white patterns splashed across the leaves, to sheens of silver and even flecks of pink adding personality to your home decor. 

  • Snake Plant- Dracaena trifasciata

    The Snake Plant is the low-maintenance house plant every novice plant parent needs. Not only does it claim a top spot in NASA’s Clean Air Study, but the Snake Plant is also a succulent plant that tolerates minimum fuss.
  • Birds Nest Fern- Aspelnium nidus

    Bird’s Nest Ferns get their name from the mesmerising rosette formation which resembles a bird's nest funnel shape. It's slightly leathery radiating fronds that reach up to 1.5m long and its ability to grow on trees due to its shallow...

  • Philodendron Imperial Green

    The Philodendron Imperial Green is a low-maintenance plant that will easily grow. It has glossy, dark green leaves which are upright, compact and grow to a generous size. It’s perfect for those who want to add more greenery and to regulate humidity and air quality in your home.
  • Bird of Paradise- Strelitzia

    These rich, tropical foliage plants with gorgeous blooms of orange, yellow, white and touches of indigo perched on long stems look like the crests of exotic birds peeking through the leaves. Easy to see how these impressive plants were named birds of paradise. 

  • Purple Waffle- Hemigraphis Alternata

    The Hemigraphis atlernata truly unfurls exotic attributes, with its intensely dark green, metallic sheen leaves with an underside of maroon, blood red or deep purple hues. When loved right, it may treasure you with infrequent and short-lived, bright white blooms that radiate next to the deeply-hued foliage.