Plant Guide

  • Money Tree- Pachira aquatica

    Discover Money Trees: Lucky, lush, and easy to care for. Bright, indirect light, moderate watering, and prevent overwatering.
  • Firesticks- Euphorbia tirucalli

    Firesticks (Euphorbia tirucalli): Care tips, common issues, and fun facts about this stunning succulent.
  • Green Ti Plant- Cordyline fruticosa

    Green Ti Plant: Stunning, low-maintenance tropical charm. Bright light, moist soil, and humidity for vibrant growth.
  • Chin Cactus- Gymnocalycium

    Discover Gymnocalycium: The Stunning Succulent. Care tips for light, water, soil, and common issues. Fun facts about this resilient plant.
  • Living Stones- Lithops

    Unlock Living Stones (Lithops) care secrets: Light, water, and fun facts. Keep Living Stones thriving with our expert tips.
  • Ficus Audrey- Ficus Benghalensis

    Discover the Ficus Audrey: a stunning houseplant with glossy leaves, native to Southeast Asia.