Create the perfect three pot cluster

What makes the perfect pot cluster?  What pots go together, what plants suit which pot and what colour palettes compliment one another.  Sounds scary? Well read on for our tips on how to create the perfect pot cluster.

Three is a magic number

Even numbers create symmetry, while odd numbers create interest.  Creating interest should be at the core of any great pot cluster. A pot cluster of three forces the eye to look around and take in each individual pot and plant combination.

Tall & Short

In addition to grouping pots in threes, another great idea is creating interest by staggering the heights of the pots.  Not only do the different heights create interest, but they also showcase each of the plants.

A staggering cluster of pots will also provide you with the opportunity to use plants with different heights as well.  We designed our Loob and Ribbed Loob pots specifically to be used as a three-pot cluster.


When it comes to mixing plants, there are no rules.  You can use the same plant in each pot, or mix it up and use a different plant in each pot.  The possibilities are endless!

Now, it's time to get creative!