Slugg's Ultimate Garden Pot Styling Guide

Hey! We're so glad you found us! At Slugg, we're all about making plant styling as easy as possible. To make things even easier for you, we've created this handy little styling guide to help you choose the perfect garden pots and plants for your home and garden!

Create height and texture

Creating interest should be at the core of any great pot cluster. Choose three plants of varying heights with complementary colours and textures. To bring this corner to life, we've used an Alocasia, a Sensation Peace Lily and a Philodendron Congo. Talk about a statement cluster!

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Choose a plant style

Before heading to the nursery, choose a plant style! It could be tropical, traditional or something eclectic like a cacti cluster! Deciding on a look and feel before buying your plants will make the process so much easier and will bring your cluster to life.

By choosing three plants of a similar style, you'll most likely find they have the same care requirements too in terms of lighting, humidity and water!

Love the look of this cluster? Ask your local nursery for a Euphorbia Cowboy, Cereus Peruvianus and a Blue Barrel Cactus.

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Give your plants the best life

When it comes to caring for your plants, watering is important, but drainage is key! Your plants won't be happy with soggy roots. We've pre-drilled all Slugg pots with drainage holes to give your plants the best life. This Fiddle Leaf Fig and Philodendron Rojo Congo are thanking us for it!

Pro tip: Using your garden pots inside? Avoid messy spills by simply keeping your plants in their nursery tubs and placing inside the Slugg pots. When it's time to water, pop them in the shower, allow enough time to drain, then place them back inside their beautiful home!

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Choosing the right colour

Alright guys, we've done just about all the hard work for you, now it's your time to choose a style and colour. Never fear though! We've spent hours, more than we care to admit, scrolling through Pinterest to curate the most inspiring, stylish and educational content for you! We can almost guarantee you'll find something in there that will help you make the right decision for your home.

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