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    Thanks for being one of the first to try The Balcony Garden's brand new Liquid Plant Food.

    Keen to learn more? Keep scrolling to get the low down on why your plants will LOVE this stuff!

    • Improves disease and pest resistance resulting in healthier plants.

    • Boosted with organic matter to provide longer lasting nutrients and benefits.

    • Promotes soil aeration/water penetration, reduces runoff.

    • Suitable for all your indoor plants and even outdoor gardens and trees.

    Directions for use

    1. Gently swirl bottle so the product mixes

    2. Now it's time to dilute in water. Add 2-4ml of Liquid Plant Food per litre of water

    3. Can be applied to foliage (after diluting) but for best results apply to soil/potting mix

    4. Established plants and garden beds apply every 2-4 weeks all year round

    5. For vegetables, herbs, fruit etc. apply weekly during growing period

    Dont panic, it wont smell once diluted and applied!

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