'Slugg Life' NFT Collection

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Gangster Slugg

Ty$on, or Tyson as his parents named him, is working hard on a rap career and says he didn’t choose the Thugg life, the Thugg life chose him. While still living in the comfort of a middle-class family home, his parents, Peter and Sue, aren’t quite sure why he raps about life being so hard, but just hope all the private schooling they put him through pays off one day.

Influencer Slugg

This is Sophie and she loves social media! What started as a fun way to share her style with Instagram has now turned into a full-time lucrative business of content creation! You can find her on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Youtube! Anyone interested in dating Sophie must have extensive photography experience and be willing to capture every single moment of her day.

Gym Junkie Slugg

Steve is the gym loving Slugg who lives by the mantra of “Never Skip Leg Day”. Yep, try to figure that one out… Packed full of supplements and protein shakes, Steve will always be there to spot you and help you with your technique. Don’t be fooled by the sweatband and excessively large muscles, deep down Steve is a big softie that just wants to see everyone reach their goals, in and outside the gym.

Mummy Blogger Slugg

Rebecca, or @becsbusylife as you may know her, is a mum of three from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. She hasn’t had a full night of sleep in 5 years and survives solely off the Almond Lattes she sips on throughout the day. Bec is mostly known for sharing life hacks, wearing matching outfits with her kids, and posting photos of her ridiculously organised kitchen cupboards.

Green Thumb Slugg

Thelma’s love of gardening started later in life after escaping the city for a quiet life in the countryside with her dog, Daisy, and three chickens, Edna, Mabel and Bertha. Every Friday Thelma settles in with a cup of Earl Grey tea for an exciting night of her favourite ABC program, Gardening Australia! Thelma has the best veggie patch in town and has started selling her home-made chutney at the local markets.

Tiger Slugg

One look at this guy tells you everything you need to know. Thiago is one sly tiger (he’s a Slugg but let’s just let him have this) who hunts by night and lounges in the shade of the jungle by day. His stripe coat makes jaws drop and heads turn and boy does he know it! Like all tigers, Thiago roams the jungle alone, but we’ll just say this, he is quite the ladies man.

Hipster Slugg

You’ll find Byron sipping on cold press coffee in the AM and craft beers in the PM. He rides a fixie to work as a graphic designer in Collingwood, Melbourne and has recently taken up rock climbing, in a rock climbing gym. He’s never actually left the city to climb in nature. And even though his pants have at least four pockets, he insists on carrying his keys on a carabiner clip on his belt loop, because, you know, that’s what hipsters do.

Got questions about NFT's?

What the F*@# is an NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, and videos. They are bought and sold online with crypto and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.

What is a wallet and how do I get one?

Firstly, you need an Ethereum wallet. The easiest wallet to set up and install is called Metamask which is essentially just a Chrome Browser extension. It sounds confusing, but it's very easy to set up. I mean hey, if a Slugg can set up an Ethereum Wallet, so can you. You use your wallet to store crypto and also digital assets or NFTs. For more details, head to the Metamask FAQ page - https://metamask.io/faqs/.

Ok, I have my wallet. Now, how do I get my Slugg NFT?

This is the easy part. Simply reply to your email with your name and your Metamask (or whatever Ethereum Wallet you're using) address. Your address is a combination of random numbers and letters around 40ish in length. We'll then send your NFT to you. The transfer is more or less instantanious.

Can I sell my Slugg NFT because I really want a lambo?

You sure can! You'll need to list your Slugg NFT for sale on a marketplace such as Opensea.

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