5 Reasons Your Indoor Plants Need a Bigger Pot

Indoor plants can bring joy and beauty to any space, but as they grow, they may require a bigger pot to continue thriving. Here are five reasons to consider re-potting your indoor plants:

  1. Fresh Soil for a Nutrient Boost: Over time, the soil in your plant's pot can become depleted of nutrients, which can cause slow growth or discolouration of leaves. Even if you fertilise regularly, re-potting with fresh soil can provide a nutrient boost that will help your plant thrive.

  2. Better Watering: If water seems to immediately seep out of the bottom of the pot when you water your plant, it may be root-bound. This occurs when the roots wrap around the outside of the pot, making it difficult for the plant to absorb water. Re-potting can free up these roots and allow the plant to get the water it needs to stay hydrated and healthy.

  3. Room to Breathe = New Growth: Giving plants a little breathing room can promote new growth. Re-potting can help free plants from being root-bound, allowing for a more robust, growing root system that can make your plant happier and grow faster.

  4. Disease Prevention: Overwatering can lead to root rot, which can cause damage to the roots and make them susceptible to disease. Re-potting and clipping off damaged roots can help your plant recover and prevent fungus and disease from taking hold.

  5. Divide and Conquer – Plant Babies: When plants get too crowded, you can divide them to create more space and make new plants. Re-potting time is ideal for taking advantage and dividing offshoots and pups into self-sufficient plants.

Remember, if your plant is stressed or wilted from thirst, it's best to wait before re-potting. Also, avoid re-potting during extreme weather, as this can add extra stress to your plant.

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