Arrowhead Plant- Syngonium

The Arrowhead Plant has quickly become a popular evergreen houseplant due to its attractive coarse-textured, heart-shaped leaves and fast-growing easy-to-care-for ability allowing it to thrive in many homes.

This crazy rewarding, highly underrated climbing plant hails from the South American tropics and provides your indoors with a fresh green ambience. As part of the Araceae family, Arrowhead plants not only are beautiful with their wide range of colours, from lime green, and white to pink, to deep purple but serve as natural air purifiers. If given more light the variegation on the leaves becomes more prominent and vibrant.

Lightly furled dark and light green heart shaped leafy plant in a green garden pot.


General Care


Bright to medium indirect light, avoid harsh direct sun.


1-2 times a week to keep the soil slightly moist. Avoid overwatering as they can become susceptible to root rot.


Prefers warm, humid conditions


 Well-draining high-quality soil using a pot with ample drainage holes.

Dark green and grey variegated heart shaped leaves.

Common Problems

Arrowhead Plants are hardy plants however they are susceptible to pests and diseases such as scale, mealybugs, and aphids. Keep on top of humidity, sunlight and fertiliser use as well as root rot from overwatering.


Bleached and discoloured leaves


Overexposure to direct sunlight


Browning Leaves


Under-watering/too-low humidity


The Arrowhead plant is toxic to both cats and dogs.

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