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Ruffled Fan Palm- Licuala grandis

Iconic for their pleated or ruffled fan-like leaves, the Ruffled Fan Palm is an incredibly elegant-looking, slow-growing palm hailing from the lowland rain forests of the Solomon Islands and the Vanuatu Islands near Australia’s coast. 

These idyllic palms feature single slender trunks, large lush glossy leaves with structural pleats and notched edges and produce an inflorescence that later produces green fruit which turns red when ripe. Ruffled Fan Palms are a perfect addition to any home or garden making it a great way to add a little bit of tropical flair to any indoor or outdoor setting.

Potted feature Ruffle Fan Palm surrounded by complimentary lush Fern foliage.


General Care


Partial to complete shade. 


Infrequent, deep watering. Mist the plant two or three times a week to keep humidity levels comfortable.


Moderate humidity. Avoid frost.


Well-drained/sandy potting mix soil.

Stacked Licuala grandis Palm leaves.

Common Problems

When kept as a houseplant, Ruffled Fan Palm can be plagued by common houseplant pests and diseases such as spider mites, scale and fungus gnats, and root rot from overwatering. 

Excessive watering and cool temperatures may lead to root rot. Too much direct sunlight may scorch and burn the plants’ leaves.


Yellowing Leaves


Overwatering/too-low humidity


Browning Tips


Under watering, too high humidity or located in direct light. Check the plant for spider mites.


Ruffled Fan Palm is somewhat toxic to cats, dogs, and people if ingested. It is also somewhat hazardous to eat since the leaves are very sharp, and the stems are spiny. 

TIP: Deep watering is when you slow drip the water instead of dumping it all at once. This method usually works best for newly planted palms that don’t have an extensive root system.

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