Pink Princess Philodendron- Philodendron erubescens

Pink Princess Philodendron- Philodendron erubescens

As part of the Araceae family, the tropical Philodendron Pink Princess boasts splendid large waxy pink and dark green foliage. Dont let the high price tag fool you but these colourful plants are actually easy to care for as an indoor plant. While the pink princess produces flowers, the spathes are insignificant compared to the foliage of the plant.

General Care


Thrives Bright, indirect light.


Allow the top half of the soil to dry out between waterings and then water well.


Best in warm, humid conditions - although typical household temperature and humidity levels are fine for these hardy plants.


Use good quality airy soil that is high in organic matter.

Common Problems

The pink princess philodendron is susceptible to a number of common houseplant pests and diseases such as mealybugs, scale and fungus gnats as well as root rot from overwatering.


Brown Spots


Over-exposed harsh, direct light


Yellow/Brown edges


Lack of humidity 


Leaves can cause a toxic reaction if ingested. It's non-toxic to humans but can be harmful to pets.

FUN FACT: The pinkness is due to a lack of chlorophyll—the chemical that makes plants’ leaves green. However, some greenness on the leaves is also necessary so that the plants can photosynthesise whereas, chlorophyll helps to create oxygen and glucose for healthy growth. Ideally, you need a combination of green and pink colours for this Philodendron to thrive.

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  • 1. Drainage

    Place a single layer of drainage screen directly over the drain hole.

  • 2. Pot setup

    Once you have chosen the location for your pots, place four pot feet on the ground and position the pot on top.

  • 3. Potting mix

    Cover the piece of drainage screen with a good quality potting mix and fill the pot to the desired level and gently compact in layers.

  • 4. Plant it

    Carefully remove the plant from its nursery pot. Put the plant in your prepared garden pot, ensuring the potting mix soil sits at the same level as the soil in the nursery pot.

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